Spartan Pegasus (Riding Gloves)

Yet another product from the SPG (Spartan Pro Gear) Team, a short cuffed full leather riding glove. The company says , this particular gloves are short cuffed riding gloves , with a full leather construction and having carbon fiber finished knuckle protectors and has a good venting system for keeping the hands cool during the hot summers.

Now I have been using it for a few thousand kms and have been able to  put it through it through a lot of abuse in different conditions, To speak in general , it is a city riding gloves, true to its short cuffed construction, it is a glove that is designed with easy usability kept in mind, putting on and removing off can be done with much ease as compared to a full gauntlet, but yet not compromising on the protection part, be advised a short cuffed gloves do come at a disadvantage when compared to the full gauntlet gloves…See more

Spartan Pegasus

Spartan Pegasus

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