Honda CBR250R 2013 | 9000kms Ownership Review

We are back with yet another bike review,but this time it is relatively shorter ownership period. It’s been nearly half a year with the 2013 Honda CBR250R (Std version), the exclusive Tri-color edition for that. And 9,000 Kms later I am ready to pen down my views on this very capable quarter liter machine.

The CBR 250R was launched in India in spring 2011 , This bike shares a uncanny resemblance to the Honda VFR which is a motorcycle belonging to the sports touring genre. The resemblance stays beyond the looks too, the CBR 250 too is a bike with immense touring potential, and yet has the CBR badge to its name, which is honestly, a bit weird as the CBR series has always been about sport riding and such. It was probably a marketing strategy or something, but we aren’t the least bothered about that right now.   

 Now I got my Bike on August 2013, since it’s launch the CBR has had one update from it’s previous models, the updated models was introduced by the 3rd quarter of 2013, which were introduced with a completely new paint schemes with the previous(2011,2012) paint schemes being dis-continued, now that was just a visual refreshment, when it comes to performance figures, there was a 1 bhp bump in power as per the Honda website, which in my opinion …Read More


2 responses to “Honda CBR250R 2013 | 9000kms Ownership Review

  1. very lucidly explained bro,
    i was waiting for something such from an owner’s point of view.
    so we see a new motorcycling journalist in the making, 🙂

    waiting for a comparo on D390 and CBR


    • Thanks you very much for the kind words ankit.

      And about the comparo. Do expect one very soon..!! The 390 has already done 3k kms will be done enough to get a owners review soon..!!

      Ride Safe


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