Welcome Bikers,

Welcome to the world of reviews. The birth of this site, has a very important reason. When ever a biker is set to buy a bike or riding gears or luggage holder, we face a very big problem, we have a huge number of question, many practicality question, man things we need to know .So we start searching for reviews,  but strangely enough we don’t find many.  And we waste hours and hours scrolling through pages of irrelevant stuff and end up nowhere.

From a buyers point of view , the queries we have , the details we need is something more than what we can find from product websites or brochures, it is something which we cannot get the info form any magazines or auto journalist reviews online or offline, certain things/knowledge that is known only to the real time users of that particular products, and unfortunately a large part of that community choose not to share it down in writing or do not have the time or facility to do so.

But not any more,
We , Team Wheels’n’Shields , having faced the very same problem and having spent hours at end doing research for getting stuff for us on our own, have taken a step to contribute back to the community of the biking brotherhood, by creating a blog which houses extensive un-biased reviews , done from a completely common user perspective, we have answered all the question one might have in mind before gearing up for a purchase, we know those questions very well, because we were in that position too.

So this site will be a guiding light for all those who are searching for reliable unbiased reviews on bikes or any kind of biking equipment from riding gears to luggage carriers or any thing.

In case, you cannot find the review for any particular product you are wishing to buy, Do mail us at wheelsnshields@gmail.com and we promise to get back to you and try and set up a detailed review of the same as soon as possible. Also do leave your feedback too.

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Ride Safe


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