We are biker’s , nothing moves our soul more than these 2 wheeled miracle. But choosing a bike can be a tough task, there is always a lot of question in the mind of a person who is going to buy a bike, we know for sure, because we faced the same problems, we din have any site’s to help us out then, so we are starting one now, a complete break down of the most relevant thoughts and questions and queries that a biker will have before going for a product.

The reviews we have prepared here is very intensely tested with many hours of testing and riding in different conditions, we have had many problems in the run too and we have fixed it too, all the problems and solutions have also been included in these reviews, something unlike what you would find in an automotive companies review, here we do reviews for the benefit of the people, considering the real world users and put the bikes through the same.

P.S : If you are unable to find reviews for a particular product , and wish to get a review,of the same.
Then do write to us at : wheelsnshields@gmail.com , and we will respond to you and try to arrange a full blown review of the same.


Ride Safe


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