Gloves are a very important part of the riding gears as far as safety is concerned. Riding gloves has many advantage apart from the fact that they can protect your hands in the event of a crash. 

The gloves can prevent the skin from getting dry during a windy day or riding, can protect your skin from the searing heat during the summers and also from the rain and cold during the monsoons and winters respectively. So all in all it is a very useful stuff too, 

Now getting to the part where it proves it’s worth in the event of a crash. Whenever you fall off form a motorcycle, in most cases the first area of contact of your body with the road would be your hands, you palm to be precise and the skin on the palms are very smooth and vulnerable, so even a small fall will have the power to give you road rash or even worse deep cuts and bruises on your hand. This is where a good riding gloves comes in , in a good riding glove you will be having the palm area generously padded which will take a great deal of the impact form affecting your hand and also will save your skin from the abrasion that you might encounter in the event of a spill and drag. 

Now , a good gloves will also have good protection for all the fingers and armor on the knuckle areas, that might range from being made from materials made with hard plastic to ones being made of carbon fiber which will be providing the most protection. These knuckle protector helps in absorbing most of the impact in the event of a crash. Hence increasing the importance of using riding gloves during rides, even shortest of rides. 

Now , riding gloves are of different kind, there are city riding gloves, half gauntlets , full gauntlets. The length of the gauntlets are depending on the type of gloves and its use.  A city riding glove is glove which is having short cuffs the length of the glove will be just till the wrist, a medium gauntlet glove will be a bit more longer than the short cuffs, which in case will offer more protection than the short cuffs, and then there is the full gauntlet gloves which are mainly used in touring gloves and for track use, these type of gloves offer protection to the area more than the hand and a small part of the arm too, when used properly with riding jacket it can give an extensive protection for the hand too.
Now for the convenience of usage, the short cuffs are the most easy to use being short , it can be removed and fitted with utmost ease, while the full gauntlet will be the most cumbersome to be fitting on and removing very often.

Now yet another factor is the material with which the gloves are made, and here leather gloves are the most important,  it gives the most amount of padding and abrasion resistance, then comes the mesh and textile types, but they do not give that kind of abrasion resistance as the leather would provide. So if you are picking up gloves, try to pick up full leather gloves.

In the recent years, there have been a few new brands that have introduced a good range of gloves in very affordable prices too, so we have reviewed a few prominent and value for  money products here. Do have a look. 

P.S : If you are unable to find reviews for a particular product , and wish to get a review,of the same.
Then do write to us at : , and we will respond to you and try to arrange a full blown review of the same.

Ride Safe


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