Cramster Twister

Cramster is a well knows brand in India, they have been tried and tested by thousands over years. And here I’ll be reviewing twister a semi gauntlet leather gloves from Cramster, I’ve used it for more than 3000kms so I believe I can accurately point out its pros and cons.

Quick facts

 -Leather Moulded Knuckle Protection
-3M Scotchlite Reflector Strips
-Full Genuine Leather Construction
-Perforation in Palm Area for Ventilation 
-Double Leather at All Impact Areas
-Semi Gauntlet Leather Strap Closure
-Elasticized Wrist



Material used, protection

Twister is a full leather glove that is designed for all types of casual riding. There’s nothing more offers better protection than leather and the twister has plenty of it. The gauntlet part is 40% mesh and rest 60% is single layer leather. Strangely the outside of the thumb is made of mesh; since all other fingers are wrapped in plenty of leather I cannot understand why Cramster did this. Because even though mesh offers decent protection, it’s nothing like leather, other than that the entire gloves are made of genuine leather.

 It has a hard plastic knuckle protector and the impact areas such as fingers and palm are covered with an additional layer of leather. Though I would like to have hard plastic protectors on fingers too, for absorbing the impact energy, note that almost all other gloves are made like this. Also above the knuckle protector there’s 3M Scotchlite Reflector Strip for night time visibility.


Knuckle Protectors

Knuckle Protectors



Weather compatibility and comfort

  The comfort level is decent, palm padding is a bit thin despite the double layer of leather, the good side is that you won’t lose the ‘feel’ when you hold the accelerator or brake lever. Like all leather gloves, these too need ‘breaking in’. For the first few hundred kilometres it was very uncomfortable for me but after this the gloves took shape of my fingers then the gloves became comfortable to wear. After the breaking in period, putting on and removing the glove is very easy. The elastic on the wrist is pretty tight so it may need more time to loosen up to your hand’s size. The semi gauntlet is enough long to cover your watch and jacket cuffs and the Velcro on the gauntlet will ensure that the gloves will stay on your hand.



There are no vents on the fingers for ventilation, despite this I didn’t feel uncomfortable during hot summer, but the palm has tiny holes for ventilation so your palms won’t be sweaty. Leather gloves aren’t suited for rains and the twister is no exception. Though it will resist the water for a few minutes, in the end it will be soaking wet. Drying will take its sweet time too; note that exposing leather gloves to rain and then drying it under direct sunlight is harmful to the leather. I’m sure these gloves will stand up to cold climate too due to the lack of ventilation on the fingers, I’ve tested it in the early mornings and it felt comfortable.

Construction and quality

Till now there are no stitches that are undone and the gloves are holding up well even after exposing it to some harsh rain and direct sunlight. It may not look stunning or upmarket like competitors due to its all black design and lack of flashy plastic protectors. The leather is used seems to be of good quality and they are really soft.



It’s an all-rounder, you can use it for touring or in the city and it offers good protection at various speeds. And for the price it’s at (1700 rupees at the time it’s reviewed) there are no gloves that offer better protection.



Note: I ordered the gloves from their website and the shipping was smooth but as you can see there’s a small patch/defect on the mesh area which is in anyway won’t compromise the safety, still I would suggest all of you to buy gloves and other gears directly from shops so you can examine it personally before buying.


Also read more about Riding Gears, their importance and steps to choose them from here.

Ride Safe
Christo TJ




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