Rynox Rampage

Rynox, a quite well known name among Indian bike enthusiasts, they have quite a few riding gears and accessories to offer us bikers, and for the past 2 weeks  I have been reviewing their riding gloves, the Rynox Rampage. Let’s have a look what Rynox has to say about the gloves , they claim that the rampage is a combination of high quality mesh and leather construction and has a good venting system for keeping the hands cool and well ventilated.

Rynox Rampage

Rynox Rampage



Now I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and have been able to  put it through it through a lot of abuse in different conditions, To speak in general , it is a city riding gloves, though it’s not a short cuff glove, neither a full gauntlet, a medium gauntlet would be the appropriate term,like the Spartan Pegasus this is a glove that is designed with easy usability kept in mind, putting on and removing off can be done even though it has a good amount of length to it, courtesy its mesh construction, it is very easy to handle, unlike the stiff leather gloves with full gauntlets. The gauntlet are long enough such that the cuffs of the riding jacket can be covered when wearing the gloves


So now let us break down the review into different segments and address each segment and how well the gloves performed throughout the span of usage.


The glove has a combination of mesh and leather , most of it is mesh and a little area on the fingers are of leather construction, the leather used is very thin too, not thick leather as we see being used in leather gloves. It is quite obvious that you won’t get that kind of  protection that you could expect/or be assured of as with leather gloves, but these gloves are primarily suited for city riding where the textile/mesh construction is what comes as easy in use , practical and also has a decent level of protection. Now these being of mesh construction, I din’t find it having any need for breaking in , it fit just fine right from the second i put it on. 

So for high speed slides, the glove might not give as much abrasion resistance as you might want, for that leather gloves is a must. 




When coming to the protection part , they have hard plastic knuckle protectors and foam padding on the palm area(see pics) and Kevlar lining on the palm area as well, for better abrasion protection.
That about sums up the protection part, it might sound a bit vulnerable  but for city usage it should be fine.The padding on the palm area is a good touch , the reason I mentioned so is that in the event of a fall or spill most probably the first area of impact would be your palms, and a bit of extra padding does help absorb some part of the impact and also increased abrasion protection. 


Padding on palm area



Knuckle Protectors




Weather Compatibility :

Sunny days area delight with these gloves, protects your hand from the heat and gives good ventilation since it is mesh and also vents at the right place.

Now coming to monsoon’s,being a mesh construction, it would get wet pretty fast, but unlike leather, i wont get damaged due to prolonged exposure of water , since it is mesh, all that you need to do is dry it off, and its back to its original form, no special care is needed here.

But, using this as a winter time glove will be a bad idea, rest assured your hands will go numb due to the cold. All that venting property that compliments the usage for summer are the prime culprit for that. 

So, I wouldn’t say it to be a all round weather performer, summers are perfect for this gloves, in monsoons you will get wet.


Construction & Quality :

Well, so far from my experience Rynox build quality has always been great , the quality of the materials used in their product is very good and it is the same with this product too.  Very good stitching , no loose threads anywhere. The Velcro patches on the straps are also pretty good.

So quality wise, no complains at all.


Fit & Finsih :

When it comes to fitment, always one must choose the right size, else it would be really uncomfortable to use the product

So, to conclude, The Rynox Rampage is a great city riding gloves, perfect for the summer riding and very much user friendly and good for daily usage, but not so great for the winter and monsoon.

On a personal note, I totally loved this glove, it was great fun using it for the city rides, I would definitely suggest these for any person who is in look out for a great city riding glove, it is also priced competitively.

Do remember, for touring this loves is not recommended, get a leather gloves instead, Rynox has a full gauntlet gloves just for this need, a review of that will be posted here soon.

A small suggestion I would have for Rynox is that, if you guys could add a bit more safety feature by adding more area of leather on the gloves and some more protection for the fingers, then it would be a much better product. 



So, this concludes the review of the Rynox Rampage. If you have any feedback or any queries , do leave a comment below or mail us at wheelsnshields@gmail.com

The Rynox gears can be ordered online from their website or for people for Kerala you can contact DJ helmets for more details.

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