Spartan Pegasus

Yet another product from the SPG (Spartan Pro Gear) Team, a short cuffed full leather riding glove. The company says , this particular gloves are short cuffed riding gloves , with a full leather construction and having carbon fiber finished knuckle protectors and has a good venting system for keeping the hands cool during the hot summers.

Now I have been using it for a few thousand kms and have been able to  put it through it through a lot of abuse in different conditions, To speak in general , it is a city riding gloves, true to its short cuffed construction, it is a glove that is designed with easy usability kept in mind, putting on and removing off can be done with much ease as compared to a full gauntlet, but yet not compromising on the protection part, be advised a short cuffed gloves do come at a disadvantage when compared to the full gauntlet gloves which has the extra edge thanks to the gauntlets and some extra padding which is explained later in this post, but then they wouldn’t be city riding glove would they, so let’s not be too early and  judge this glove based on that criteria.

So now let us break down the review into different segments and address each segment and how well the gloves performed throughout the span of usage.


The glove has a full leather construction, so naturally it is the top in line when it comes to abrasion resistance and protection in the event of a fall. But a general downfall , well not really a downfall, is that leather products usually takes a bit time to break-in onto the shape or structure of the person using it, and this could particularly be a bit inconvenient when it comes to gloves, as the feel of the fingers and hands are of at-most importance while riding,  but what I found with this product was that it was particularly very fast in breaking in, within just a few 10-15kms I was totally comfortable with the gloves and my hands felt totally comfortable again, the gloves adapted well.

Now , though it is a city riding gloves and meant for short rides, I had done a few long rides with this glove and it has been really comfortable to use in. But for long tours it is always advised to use touring or full gauntlet gloves instead.

Spartan Pegasus

Spartan Pegasus


When coming to the protection part , the spartan has a Hard Plastic Knuckle protectors , which are pretty strong yet very light. Even after lots of usage and lots of occasions where it has been dropped there has been no damage done to the protectors, also the protectors had been crash tested(unintentional) in a very low speed topple and the protectors did their job well in keeping my hand safe,with no visible damage to the gloves.

Now there are again small diamond shaped hard plastic on the finger area for extra protection.

Now , something I found missing about this glove is that ,apart from the above mentioned armor , there are no particularly other extra protective features, no extra padding for the palm area , the reason I mentioned so is that in the event of a fall or spill most probably the first area of impact would be your palms, and a bit of extra padding does help absorb some part of the impact and also increased abrasion protection. Agreed that this is a city riding gloves and one does not expect to be doing high speed within city limits and for the city riding conditions the leather is more than enough for protecting the palms in the event of a spill, but the impact will be more felt with this gloves.

So personally , I would love to see the product if it goes with any update, they would provide a bit more padding for the palm area.   

Armor Pic Courtesy : DJ Helmets

Pic Courtesy : DJ Helmets

Weather Compatibility :

For the sunny days this is just perfect for daily usage, even though it is leather you do not sweat in them, thanks to the large vents just behind the knuckle protectors which allow ample amount of air in and keep the hands form sweating in them and thereby relieving one from the smelly hands problem after using it for long hours. 

Now coming to monsoon’s,rain isn’t its forte, but that doesn’t mean it can’t take a beating during the rains, having tested it in a typical Kerala monsoon, which included riding around a whole day in the rain with these gloves on, after a bit of time it did get soaking wet, but then it did dry out pretty quick too, and most importantly it din’t get hard or cracked or any such problems of that sought after it was dried.But then again, I wouldn’t advise going ahead with a leather glove for the monsoons.

Now, coming to the winter season, having tested the gloves at some pretty early hours and pretty late nights when it can get quite chilly, it did not let me down either, it helped in keeping my hands warm enough and that is more than what I expected from this product.

Note: Do not dry wet leather under direct sunlight, dry in shade to prevent cracking of the leather.

Construction & Quality :

Well, when it comes to Spartan , the quality of the materials used in their product is very good and it is the same with this product too.  The stitch quality in general is very good, not even a single thread has come out even after about 5-6 months of usage. The velcro patches on the straps are still in perfect conditions.
But I do wish the finish of the stitching on the fingers area be a bit better then it would be icing on the cake. 

Apart from that I have no complains at all in the quality department.

Spartan Pegasus Pic Courtesy : DJ Helmets, Cochin

Spartan Pegasus
Pic Courtesy : DJ Helmets, Cochin

Fit & Finsih :

When it comes to fitment, always one must choose the right size, else it would be really uncomfortable to use the product, when it comes to leather a little time is required for the product to break in and feel comfortable to be used, but my experience with this product has been very pleasant, the gloves broke in perfectly after just a few kms of usage. That is a pretty convenient feature. 

So, to conclude, The Spartan Pegasus is a great city riding gloves, perfect for the summer riding and very much user friendly and good for daily usage, though it holds up good fro the monsoons, using for monsoons are not advised. 
They hold up good for short tours too, but for long tours or the track session, get a a good full gauntlet glove instead. 

A few place where this product could be made better would be if they would add some extra padding for the palm area and the small finger area. Also the stitching finish around the finger area would be great too. 

A pic from a recent test session

A pic from a recent test session



So, this concludes the review of the Spartan Pegasus. If you have any feedback or any queries , do leave a comment below or mail us at

The Spartan gears can be ordered online from their website or for people for Kerala you can contact DJ helmets for more details.

Read more about riding gears here.

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13 responses to “Spartan Pegasus

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  2. This is gonna be my next purchase for in city and off city riding,as i already own the Spartan ARES full gauntlet 🙂
    And good review.As always 😉


  3. Beautiful review Bro . But between the spartan pegasus and cramster trg2 which would be better . They both are priced similarly .


    • Yes, they are priced similarly, but they are for 2 different type of ridings, the pegasus is primarily a city use kind of glove, it being short cuffed and all.

      The trg2 is a full gauntlet glove that is used mainly for touring/trackuse and similar applications. Reasons being the full gauntlet nature which covers a part of the riding jacket sleeves too.

      Protection wise it makes using the full gauntlet more practical, but in city conditions removing the gloves and putting them on takes a considerable time.

      Ride Safe


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