AGV K-3 5 Continents – Reviewed

Helmet, the single most important riding gear for a motorcyclist and also the best friend to a biker, isn’t it ? Moreover , What good is a body without a head which is in one piece ? That’s where the helmet comes in handy , not to mention it does make you look undoubtedly cooler too.

Now if you are reading this then you probably know why we need a helmet and the significance of a good helmet. So let’s not dwell more into it and increase the size of this review and make it more boring than it needs to be.


AGV , there is no need for much introduction on this brand, it is among the best in the world when it comes to helmets. Tech which they have developed from long years of R&D never comes cheap. Now we at Wheels’n’Shields finally invested in one, and now here we are to let you guys know how we feel about the product.

AGV K3 5 Continents

AGV K3 5 Continents

The model in question is from the AGV K-3  series , which is a entry level helmet from the AGV line of products. And among the K3 the model we have here is the world famous 5-continent model. Now let us get into the actual review of the helmet.

Buying experience

Since AGV is officially sold in India through one exclusive outlet, that would be the Dainese/AGV store which is placed at Orion Mall, Bangalore.This time we will be starting with buying experience as we are dealing with such expensive products.
To start with, they do not have a functioning website, which according to them will be up and running shortly, but they do provide a Email ID and Phone number, and they did return to my mails and calls and were pretty much very supportive and very receptive when it came to addressing the customers queries and choices.

The buying experience from the D-store was just as what one could expect, they help you out in finding the right size and are very patient and helpful too. So overall , the buying experience has been exceptionally good and customers will be happy.

Paint Quality, fit & finish

The paint quality is just exquisite, its bright, it has a lot of colors,typical Rossi style , after all it is one of his most famous design replicas, the fit & finish is just what you expect from a high end product and definitely justifies the cost. The fact i just love the most is that every part of the helmet just blends in , in such a satisfying way, one could just stare at it all day. The amount of eye-balls this lid attracts is just mind blowing, as if the stares from the jacket and gloves weren’t enough, this just adds to it, which is pretty cool. 😛




I have used 3 helmets so far, first the LS2, Sparx and the AGV. And all 3 of them weight at 1.4 kg , 1.5 kg ,1.4 kg. Now here is the difference, as weird as it may sound the AGV feels the lightest. The very shape of the Helmet makes it easy to handles, people who have used Sparx will understand what I mean, the sheer size difference the Sparx and the AGV projects is quite different.You  also do not feel the weight on your neck when wearing it.


Paddings (how long they hold us shape)

Well, this is one place that I felt that it could have been better, the padding isn’t as plush as I would have wanted to be, the Sparx helmet I use has more plush padding on it, but what I got to know was that the K-3 5 continent hasn’t had a updation for quite some time. But it’s fine though, the padding are not uncomfortable to the cheeks.

Another shortcoming I felt was that, the shell shaping and the padding has been set in such a way that, if you have big/long ears and/or wear glasses then you might feel a slight pinch on your ears on long rides, and if the position of the helmet is not adjusted properly you might end with sore ears, which is pretty painful.
The solution, is that take some time to set the helmet in a comfortable position on your head , use a balaclava and when using prescription glasses or sunglasses adjust them too in the most comfortable way , or else sore ears will bother you as the ride progresses.

Visor Lock Mechanism (how easy is it to open and close)

The visor lock mechanism is quite different to what one might see in the usual helmets available in the Indian market, though the mechanism is set in a different way, it is pretty easy to take the visor off and to put it back on. Just pull the release lever back and raise the visor one step upwards to its highest position and its off. Pretty neat.


Chin Fastening Mechanism

The helmet fastening mechanism is another part which could have been better. The K3 series has the ratchet lock mechanism, same as the one we can find in the LS2, but having used the double D-Ring locking mechanism and getting used to it, somehow getting back to the ratchet system gives a insecure feeling about it. not that i faced any problem with it but somehow it just doesn’t feel as safe as you would feel with the D-ring setup.
The reason why I have mentioned it is , in the event of a fall and when your head has an impact on the road or some other solid surface, between the ratchet system and the double D-ring system, the chances for the helmet to fall off is more higher with the ratchet system, while the D-ring will hold good. This is part of the reason why most race events use helmets with the Double D-ring lock system.
I did have a chat with the guys down at D-store, and they did assure me that the ratchet system on the K3 is not bound to fail as such as is of high quality. Let’s hope it does hold together if ever we have to crash test it (hope we never have to).

Comfort (City , Highway)- wind noise, ventilation

Comfort :Coming to comfort , the helmet does feel very comfortable to wear, once you get the position right, if not as I mentioned earlier people with big ears might feel the pinch during long rides. Apart from that it is pretty good to wear, the fact that the weight of the helmet is not felt on your neck goes a long way in adding comfort when touring.


Vision : The span of peripheral vision it provides is really good as compared to other helmets available in the country.

Front air vents

Front air vents

Wind Noise : Wind noise was not a issue , for city rides it is well insulated but during highway runs with the vents opened there is the presence of wind noise but that too it is minimal so I would rate it “Very Good” for the wind noise insulation property.

Exhaust vents

Exhaust vents

Ventilation : The helmet has 2 intake vents in the front and 2 exhaust vents at the back. The sides also has 2 intake vents each, but they seem more as a cosmetic feature than actually working vent. Then the helmet also gets a vent at the chin area which is pretty much functional. So in all it has 3 working intake vents and 2 exhaust vents. And to comment on how it works I would say it works just fine, haven’t had a situation where I had to sweat it out because of the helmet not having any air circulation.  So it’s all good.

Air vent near chin area

Air vent near chin area



So now to Sum it all up, the AGV K-3 series helmet is a wonderful piece of protective gear, though it is marketed as a entry level product , I must say it doesn’t feel to be a entry level product but instead gives a very premium feel in the way it looks and performs. The padding is very comfortable , it provides a good peripheral vision angle , the design is awesome and the quality is top notch. It is everything you can expect from a world famous helmet manufacturer and all of it they provide at a very attractive price point.
Some of the things it could have had to make it even better would be, padding which is more plush and spongy, possibly Double D-Ring fastening mechanism and some more room within padding for the ears to feel a bit more comfortable(mainly for big eared people, the struggle is real 😛 ).


So if you wish to get it , you can contact the Dainese store (D-store) in Bangalore and have a talk with them or drop by and have a look.


Ride Safe

10 responses to “AGV K-3 5 Continents – Reviewed

  1. Good one! Learned quite recently that I can never wear the HJC RPHA helmets, for kinda the same reason you found this helmet to be uncomfortable – goggles/spects create big issues.

    I wore the RPHA (a frigging 32000 rupee helmet) for less than an hour, and my head was paining like a fat elephant was sitting on it. I wear contacts, and need to always wear goggles over them to prevent dust entry.

    So looks like I’ll always have to stay with cheap helmets!


    • Yeah..the main problem is the shell shape and the paddings. Such compact shape does cause problem.
      Akhil , what i do is i wear a balaclava and then the helmet and slide the glasses over the balaclava instead of pushing it inside . there in it doesn’t put pressure directly on the ears. Has worked out for me.

      Ride safe


  2. Good review as always WnS! Based on your review what I felt is this particular K3 got pros on Super Looks and being light weight for touring, the cons will be the ratchet lock, negligent wind noise and padding issue near the ears.

    AFFAIK we shouldn’t try to alter the lock system to a D-Ring cos the experts have added a ratchet and not a D-Ring for a reason. Again, Wind noise reduction is a challenge for sure if the ventilation ducts are open, so leaving both of it as it is.

    Coming back to my question, are your aware of any jugaad for the padding or any aftermarket padding from AGV for making an upgrade?


    • Thanks for the appreciative words.

      Yes, we too would never advice to change the given setup on any helmet.
      Wind noise can be further lowered with ear plugs and balaclava.

      I guess there is no need for a jugaad, as AGV themselves provide custom padding which are perfect it for the shell size of the helmet. From what i gather the shell size remains the same and it is the padding that make a difference. So it can be changed to get a custom fit if one needs to.

      Ride Safe


  3. Nice review Krishna!
    Does the visor fog with balaclava on? I had this problem in LS2 as well as MT! Wearing balaclava and closing visor will result in fogging when speeds come down be it any weather at any time of the day! I am thinking of an helmet upgrade but this might be out of my budget 🙂


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