Riding Jackets

Riding jackets are a very essential piece of protective wear for bikers, ideally it should have CE rated Armor for the elbows and shoulders and back to protect the rider in the event of a fall and the fabric used for the construction of the jacket should be abrasion resistant material to protect the skin from road rash in the event of a spill causing the rider to be dragged on the road.

Choosing the right riding jacket depends on a lot of factors,

The few most important points to be considered.

1.Level of protection
2.Weather condition
3.Fit and Finish
4.A proper brand

In the reviews that you will find here, all these points have been considered and a section of each review is written around these specific points.  So do check it out and be educated on what each jacket offers and how compatible it is for you.

P.S : If you are unable to find reviews for a particular product , and wish to get a review,of the same.
Then do write to us at : wheelsnshields@gmail.com , and we will respond to you and try to arrange a full blown review of the same.

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10 responses to “Riding Jackets

  1. please post the comparison between riding jackets
    also separate reviews

    cranster breezer 4.0
    dsg nero
    spartan helios
    spartan icarus
    rjays swift -which u have written very well , it helped


  2. I am confused between spartan’s Icarus and Helios.Could you please suggest me which to buy and the comparision of safety features


    • There is nothing to compare, between Icarus and Helios, Helios has the upper hand in every aspect.
      Knox armor all around is the high point. But it is quite a bit costlier than the Icarus.

      Ride Safe


      • Nothing as such as drawback, it has only normal armor when there are much better ones available at 1-2k more.
        When you crash it is those armors that matters.
        So make a wise choice.

        Ride Safe


  3. Can i know which is the best riding jacket (all whether) in the price range of below 6K.
    Currently i was looking bn cramster breezers, spartan aspida atlas, spartan icarus and dsg evo… pls help me to find the best one or suggest better ones if any. Hope you would reply.
    Thanks in Advance.


    • For 6k , any of the Spartan range is a better bet.
      But then those are mesh jackets, not made for rain or cold weather, you should get compliment ting rain and winter liner to make it usable for the other seasons, which would bump up the final budget.
      You could always get the Spartan Helios which is much better in terms of protection, which comes to around 7k or so, without liners. Now above 7k you can get decent textile jackets which offers much better protection from cold and rain than mesh, dsg has a few models in this section, Zeus too..now if budget is not an issues , alpinestars. Dainese all have good textile jackets for your need, but they are costly.

      Hope this helped.
      Ride safe


  4. okay.. bur that was more specific about the all weather aspect… but can u please provide a review about the spartans aspida atlas model? i find it to be so cheap and yet, good at specs.. can u please tell me how good it is.. and how durable it would be? Thats what i was looking for..


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